Our Approach

Daytime Yoga offers yoga classes from the Satyananda tradition. This approach is often known as Hatha Yoga, and is generally a more gentle form of yoga. Classes are held in an air-conditioned studio with cushioned matting. Mats and other props are provided.

When you enrol in a Daytime Yoga class you will be asked about your past yoga experience, and whether you have any medical conditions that need to be considered during practice. No previous experience in yoga is required as all practices are explained fully and students practice at their own level. The flexibility exists within the class to modify the program to suit each person’s level of ability and needs.

Small class sizes allow time for extra assistance for students new to yoga or those working with particular medical conditions.

A typical 90 minute class would have the following elements:

Stretching and Toning

The warm up focuses on back and neck care practices, particularly helpful in relieving back, shoulder and neck tightness. These are good to learn if you spend time sitting every day, for example at a computer or driving. Practice sheets are available at class.

Flexibility and Balance

A variety of practices are used to improve joint flexibility and balance.


Toning and strengthening occurs through a variety of sequenced movements and holding practices for differing lengths of time. Students are encouraged to practice at their own level without straining. If particular injuries or weaknesses need to be worked around assistance is given to modify practices.

Breath and Body Awareness

Breath and body awareness are emphasized throughout the class and focused on in deeper relaxation during the last 20 minutes of the class.

Deeper Relaxation and Guided Meditation Practices

During deeper relaxation / meditation a variety of breathing, body relaxation and mindfulness techniques are practiced. Students usually lie down for relaxation / meditation however students may sit if they prefer.
Students leave the class feeling less stressed and re-energized.